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Mrs. Thornton's Classroom Library

This shelf has several great books to use for your future classroom. In addition, these books would work great with all kinds of different lesson plans including different subjects such as History and even can help with explaining social cues and traditions.


Stellaluna - Janell Cannon

     With this books reading level at ages 2 and up, this book is great for any age. You and your students will fall in love with this book and the cute animal characters such as the main character, a fruit bat named Stellaluna. When Stellaluna gets lost, she must give up her bat-like ways to survive when she is take in by a nest of birds. In the end, Stellaluna learns an important lesson about being yourself.

     I absolutely love this book because ,as a teacher, you can use this book so many ways in your classroom. My favorite way to use this book in a classroom, however, is to use it while learning about bats in science!