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Mrs. Thornton's Classroom Library

This shelf has several great books to use for your future classroom. In addition, these books would work great with all kinds of different lesson plans including different subjects such as History and even can help with explaining social cues and traditions.

Bridge to Teranithia

Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson

     This book is an all time favorite and classic. The main character is a quiet young boy who is the fastest runner in the fifth grade. That is until ,Leslie Burke, the new girl in school outruns him. Leslie and Jess become fast friends and create a magical forest together. Jess and Leslie have awesome adventures until one day Leslie visits the garden alone and tragedy strikes. Jess now has the deal with the grief of losing a close friend. 

     Targeted for a bit more mature audiences, this books reading level is ages 8 and up. A great way to use this book in your classroom is, of course, helping your students deal with loss and grief. This book a great one to have for any child that has lost a loved one or close friend. You could also use this book to help students get started on creating their own narratives.